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We are afraid to lose the things we know. But life is not what we would like it to be; life is not permanent at all.

From Krishnamurti’s Book ‘Think on These Things’ – Purchase Here

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Brockwood Park has not been spared the effects of the pandemic, but we have done our best to rise to the challenges and opportunities it has presented and to make Krishnamurti’s teachings more widely known at a time when people have been pressed to ask deeper questions of themselves and of the world.

The Foundation has kept busy with a lockdown initiative which involved releasing, via social media and its website, material on themes such as: fear, death, change, loneliness and meditation. A new article on the latter, released in mid-May, was read over 6,000 times in the first seven days. Around the same time, over a 30-day period, there were over 18,000 new subscribers to the Official Krishnamurti Channel on YouTube, (bringing the total to around 250,000) with close to 500,000 views of Krishnamurti videos. Meanwhile from March until the end of May there were over 130,000 unique visits to the Foundation website with 88% of them coming from new visitors. This exponential growth in online interest has not meant ignoring the world of print, and the Foundation recently secured 13 new print contracts worldwide, plus the renewal of a further 20.

Brockwood Park School has now closed for the summer, with the intention to reopen for the new academic year on the 2nd September, with all students in residence and a large group of new, young students expected. Staff worked hard throughout the spring to provide online classes, to support students with their distance learning and pastoral care, and to provide predicted grades for exam students in a year when end-of-year school exams in the UK have been cancelled. The school finished the year on a high-note, with leaving students giving online speeches and almost the entire school participating in a farewell online concert, regardless of where in the world they were. Displayed on the school’s website is the ‘Boarding Schools Association’s Covid-19 Charter’, adopted by Brockwood to help ensure that all the necessary protocols and provisions for starting the new academic year safely are in place.

Inwoods Small School is also due to restart in September, with one class of 5 to 7 year olds. The new Coordinator of Inwoods will be Kate Power, a residential Brockwood teacher; the main class teacher will be Alejandra Araiza Calahorra, who will have the assistance of a teacher apprentice; Antonio Autor, Principal of Brockwood Park School, will oversee the operation of Inwoods. A great deal of work was done in the spring to redecorate the buildings and an Open Day in June was well attended. 

A date for reopening the Krishnamurti Centre has not yet been decided, but when it is an email announcement will be sent to everyone on our mailing list. The delay in taking this decision is partly due to consideration of the costs associated with running the Centre in the light of the pandemic and the required measures for the safety of staff, volunteers and guests. Consideration must also be given to the proximity of the Centre to Brockwood Park School and with the required movement of staff between both places, we are mindful of how the arrival of guests at the Centre could inadvertently lead to the arrival of the virus in the School. Despite these factors we are determined to reopen the Centre as soon as is practicable and work continues on a new Centre website to match that of the Foundation and School.

Finally we see the teachings of Krishnamurti, and the work of Brockwood, as more vital than ever in the light of all that is happening in the world. The pandemic has placed a strain on all our resources and we have decided to run our Annual Appeal and Alumni Fund Appeal for Brockwood (generally held in the spring) in late August. We hope that you might be able assist at that time and we wish to thank you for your support and cooperation during these difficult and unprecedented times. We are confident that we can weather these tremendous changes together.

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