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May 2020

Lockdown Links

These stay-at-home days are a good opportunity to catch up on some of the Foundation’s comprehensive online offerings.

Annual Report 2018-2019

he new Annual Report provides an overview of the activities of the different departments at Brockwood for the financial year 2018-2019.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Brockwood Park

Spring has arrived with full force and at Brockwood the Grove is as beautiful as ever, however the grounds and buildings are strangely quiet, as are the parks, roads, towns and cities of the whole of the UK, and indeed most of the world.

Instagram at 100,000 Subscribers

The Foundation’s Instagram has reached the milestone of 100,000 subscribers.
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Brockwood Park News Cover March 2020

March 2020

Foundation’s Bulletin – 100th Issue

The 100th issue of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin has recently been released, containing highlights of our current and future activities, unpublished texts from Krishnamurti and rare photographs from our archives.

An Indian Winter

As the winter term came to a close, four Brockwood Staff members – Mina, Thomas, Kate and Tom – boarded a plane for India to visit a number of our sister schools.

Staff retreat in Yewfield

In January, the residential staff at Brockwood spent a week on retreat in the Lake District.

A free digital directory. YouTube at 200,000 subscribers

As the official Krishnamurti YouTube channel reached the milestone of 200,000 subscribers…
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Brockwood Park News Cover March 2020

Winter 2019

Moving with the seasons at Brockwood Park School

How do our bodies respond to the changes in seasons? And how is the daily rhythm of our bodies different at different ages and stages of life? Staff and students at Brockwood reflected on this together and made changes to our daily schedule, as this article published in the Independent Schools Association explains.

Star in the East author gives talk

Roland Vernon, author of the book ‘Star in the East: Krishnamurti, the Invention of a Messiah’, spoke at a Friends of Brockwood Gathering. His fascinating talk revisited his historical and biographical account of the extraordinary individuals and circumstances that shaped Krishnamurti’s early life.

New Inwoods video released

Inwoods parent Chris Petch has made a beautiful three minute-long video about the school. Krishnamurti’s voice guides us through an introduction to Inwoods’ approach to education, with freedom, relationship and nature as a foundation for learning.
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Brockwood Park News Cover Winter 2019

Summer 2019

50th Anniversary Alumni Reunion Special

Reunion Music Video

With a backing track which was performed live in the Reunion marquee, this short video tries to give a glimpse of this extraordinary event, the wonderful people who attended and the joy this gathering brought.

Brockwood at 50

Published to celebrate Brockwood’s 50th year, this booklet contains a marvellous array of text and photos from over the years. If you would like a hard-copy, contact our Development Office.

Brockwood’s unique nature

The beginning of the School and its unique intent are the focus of Principal, Antonio Autor’s presentation. The talk following by School Bursar, Mina Masoumian, provides an organisational overview of the School.

Pondering past and present

A panel made up of three alumni from the first decade of the School and three who have been in the School in the last year, consider questions about school life and what it meant for them.
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Brockwood Park News Cover Summer 2019

Spring 2019

Annual Appeal 2019

No sooner had the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust formed, than it took the bold step of purchasing Brockwood Park and in early 1969 the School started with just two students. Fifty years on, Brockwood is much more than just a school…

Alumni Fund 2019

You were at Brockwood. You remember it. The intensity, the inquiry and the importance given to communication, to that feeling of ‘building’ the School together—creating it each and every day.

KFT Annual Report

The new Annual Report provides an overview of the activities of the different departments at Brockwood for the financial year 2017-2018…


Our first video to reach 1 million views is Krishnamurti answering the question Does god exist? This is only one out of over 1,400 videos…
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Brockwood Park News Cover Spring 2019

Autumn 2018

New Foundation Video

Over the summer, a professional filmmaker made a video about the Krishnamurti Foundation and the work it carries out. The video also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Foundation. It has never been shared before—be the first to watch it!

Brockwood Park: a sense of place

Former Brockwood staff member and current trustee, Gary Primrose, gave an insightful presentation.

Whatever happened to… you?

The stories of former students have appeared in The Brockwood Observer for years, but now we are trying to compile the largest online snapshot..

Krishnamurti Centre Programme 2019

For 2019 the Centre has prepared a diverse programme of events, which includes residential retreats, foreign language group retreats and day events.
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Brockwood Park News Cover Autumn 2019

Summer 2018 

Terence Stamp speaking about his friendship with Krishnamurti

English actor, Terence Stamp, was introduced to Krishnamurti by the Italian film director, Federico Fellini, in the late 60s…

The Krishnamurti Audio Collection

Last year, we released the Krishnamurti Video Collection on our YouTube channel and during the last six months, we have released 400 audio recordings, free to the world.

Brockwood’s 50th Anniversary Reunion

Alumni, visit our new 50th Anniversary Reunion website and register today for this special event, due to take place from 15th to 19th August.

Changes at Brockwood Park School

The Trustees of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd, who also act as Governors of Brockwood Park School, wish to announce changes to the management and staffing of the Schools.
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Brockwood Park News Cover Summer 2018

Spring 2018 

Annual Appeal 2018

50 years ago, on the morning of the 2nd July in Saanen, Switzerland, just prior to Krishnamurti’s second talk, an announcement was made to the assembled audience. A decision had been taken.

Brockwood Park Alumni Fund

Vinay Swamy invites alumni on a vivid journey through the Brockwood ‘land(mind)scape’ in order to rediscover what it meant to be a student here and what it could mean to help a student now.

KFT Annual Report

The new Annual Report provides an overview of the activities of the different departments at Brockwood for the financial year 2016-2017.

A Revamped JKO

A new iteration of www.jkrishnamurti.org was recently released. A joint effort of the international Krishnamurti Foundations, the revamped website is an exhaustive repository of the teachings…
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Brockwood Park News Cover Spring 2018

Winter 2018 

David Bohm and Krishnamurti: Collected Recordings

David Bohm became profoundly acquainted with Krishnamurti. For more than two decades, they took part in several remarkable series of one-on-one conversations and group discussions. The Foundation has collected these recordings and made them available for free on our YouTube channel.

Closer to Democracy

All Hands On features short films looking at the crisis in Western democracy and real-life remedies to its problems..

Education in the 21st Century

Harmony, peace, beauty, equality, health, and vitality are qualities greatly desired in the world but are mostly approached with a movement of idealism and reward-seeking…

Award Winning Performances

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Brockwood Park News Cover Winter 2018

Autumn 2017 

A Chance to Talk To Friends

A special event aimed at thanking the Friends of Brockwood Park for their support was held in October, 2017 at The Krishnamurti Centre. Four short presentations were given all relating to some aspect of Brockwood life and work and to Krishnamurti’s teachings.

The Sweep of History

The guest presenter at the Friends Gathering in October was Mark Edwards, one of the few environmental communicators to have personally witnessed the global issues that are defining the 21st century.

From Body-Ownership to Selfhood

One of the world’s leading researchers/ scholars on Philosophy of Mind, Prof. Thomas Metzinger, gives a Present Tense talk to staff and students exploring questions related to our sense of self, embodiment, avatars and artificial intelligence.

Magic in the Mountains

…and there’s more….

Brockwood Park News Cover Autumn 2017

Summer 2017 

Three important things Krishnamurti said to me

Dr Mary Cadogan began by speaking about what she considered to be the three most important things that Krishnamurti had said to her.

Free To The World – The Krishnamurti Collection

The complete collection, comprising almost 600 full-length videos, is now free to the world.

Upcoming Centre Events

From weekend events to day events, the Centre offers a substantial range of opportunities for guests to engage with the work of Krishnamurti.

When The Party Is Over

Parties generally leave you with a lot of cleaning up to do, but what happens when the purpose of the party is to clean up?

Raising a Mind that is a Light unto Itself

The school environment is more often than not based upon hierarchical structures, the pedestal of knowledge, and the accepted power of the adult…
…and there’s more….

Brockwood Park News Cover Summer 2017

Autumn 2017 

Annual Appeal 2017

Globally it has been a turbulent year with many alarming political, economic and social events.

Brockwood Alumni Fund

What does a Brockwood bursary mean to the student who receives it? Well, it is probably the difference between attending Brockwood and not attending Brockwood.

Harmony and Discord

A significant body of work from the exceptional watercolour artist David Evans has been bequeathed to the Krishnamurti Foundation.

Ray McCoy Retires

After 36 years working for the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, Ray McCoy has retired. He will be greatly missed.

Krishnamurti Centre Events 2017

…and there’s more….

Brockwood Park News Cover Autumn 2017

Winter 2017 

Harmony, Eternal Truths and The Krishnamurti Centre

In this video the architect of the Krishnamurti Centre Professor Keith Critchlow takes us on a guided tour of his extraordinary ‘anthropos’ design.

News from the Foundation

The KFT gives a summary of its mandate and recent activity.

Friends of Brockwood Spring Gathering

The Friends of Brockwood Park gathering is an event that intends to join donors and friends of Brockwood from all over the world.

Bringing Maths to Life

Using vectors and leaves Brockwood’s Maths Class excitedly constructed the word Brockwood in 3D letters across the South Lawn.
…and there’s more….


Brockwood Park News Cover Winter 2017

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