Brockwood Park Summer Work Parties 2020

Applications are now open to join us this summer for the Brockwood Park Work Party. Apply online here, and read more to find out practical details about how you can enjoy relaxation, inquiry and social activities, while helping us to keep Brockwood beautiful.

This year, the Summer Work Party will take place in July on the following dates:

11th to 18th July: Brockwood Alumni only
19th to 26th July: Open to All

Who can join?

Work Parties are suitable for a wide variety of people, including parents, Friends of Brockwood and volunteers who may wish to know Brockwood Park better and learn more about the school and its operation. It is also for former students, mature students and staff who would like to be ‘home’ for a week or two, remember the old days and generate a new relationship with the place and its intentions.

All participants must be over 18, for legal reasons.

We are unable to accept children at Brockwood during the Work Parties.

You must be able to do sustained physical work.

The Work Parties are for a maximum of 30 participants per week on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is the work?

Brockwood is a large estate and there is much to do to keep it running. This might include:
Gardening: in the summer, our kitchen garden needs a lot of people for harvesting, weeding and other tasks.
Housekeeping: contributing towards ongoing and one-off tasks to keep the buildings and rooms clean.

What will my hours be?

You will work for 5.5 hours each day, roughly, leaving time for relaxation, inquiry and social activities.

All volunteers will work on the 6 days between their arrival and departure day, with one afternoon off.

During both weeks, volunteers will enjoy not only delicious vegetarian food, pure air and a healthy lifestyle, but also Brockwood’s daily life, with Morning Meetings, Morning Jobs, Rota, K Time and plenty of outdoor work.

What does Brockwood provide?

In return for your hard work, you will be provided with free accommodation and excellent vegetarian food. Brockwood Park School is the setting for the Work Parties and you will be staying in accommodation used by the students during term time. Apart from a library, a small gym and computer facilities along with internet access, Brockwood also has attractive spaces that are regularly used for dance, drama, discussion and socialising.

You do not need to bring bedding or towels.

You’re provided with three vegetarian meals each day.

Any restrictions?

Brockwood is strictly vegetarian and requests that participants do not smoke, use recreational drugs or consume alcohol during their time here. Brockwood reserves the right to ask a participant to leave at any point during the Work Party.

What should I do if I am interested?

Please email