Compassion Is the Unifying Factor

From Krishnamurti’s Book TRUTH AND ACTUALITY

What is the unifying factor in meditation? That is one of the most necessary and urgent things. Politicians are not going to bring this unity however much they may talk about it. It has taken them thousands of years just to meet each other. What is that factor? We are talking about a totally different kind of energy, which is not the movement of thought with its own energy; and will that energy, which is not the energy of thought, bring about this unity?

This is your problem, isn’t it? Unity between you and your wife or husband, unity between you and another. You see, we have tried to bring about this unity. Thought sees the necessity of unity and therefore has created a centre. As the sun is the centre of this world, holding all things in that light, so this centre created by thought hopes to bring mankind together. Great conquerors, great warriors, have tried to do this through bloodshed. Religions have tried to do it, and have brought about more division with their cruelty, with their wars, with their torture. Science has enquired into this. And because science is the accumulation of knowledge, and the movement of knowledge is thought, being fragmentary, it cannot unify.

Is there an energy which will bring about this unity, this unification of mankind? We are saying, in meditation this energy comes about, because in meditation there is no centre. The centre is created by thought, but something else, totally different, takes place, which is compassion. That is the unifying factor of mankind. Not to become compassionate – that is again another deception – but to be compassionate. That can only take place when there is no centre, the centre being that which has been created by thought – thought which hopes that by creating a centre it can bring about unity – like a fragmentary government, like a dictatorship, like autocracy, all those are centres hoping to create unity. All those have failed, and they will inevitably fail.

There is only one factor, and that is this sense of great compassion. And that compassion is when we understand the full width and depth of suffering. That is why we talked a great deal about suffering, the suffering not only of a human being but the collective suffering of mankind. Don’t understand it verbally or intellectually but somewhere else, in your heart, feel the thing. And as you are the world and the world is you, if there is this birth of compassion you will inevitably bring about unity, you can’t help it.