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The Krishnamurti Foundation Annual Bulletin

The KFT Bulletin is released towards the end of every year. Each edition includes unpublished or rare Krishnamurti text, along with news from the Foundation and Krishnamurti Centre. PDF editions of recent Bulletins can be read below, along with the very first edition in 1968.

You can read a short history of the bulletin here.

Bulletin 100 · 2019

‘Can I ever be free or must I go from one conditioning to another? Can conditioning, with its centre, end?’
Krishnamurti in Ojai, 1978

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 100 2019

Bulletin 99 · 2018

‘There is a life not touched by hate, anger, jealousy and envy. To come upon it, one has to have great energy.’
Krishnamurti in Amsterdam, 1968

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 99 2018

Bulletin 98 · 2017

‘The whole movement of desire as will comes to an end in meditation.’
Krishnamurti in Madras (Chennai), 1973

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 98 2017

Bulletin 97 · 2016

‘Beauty can exist only when the self is not. When the mind, the brain is not chattering, caught in a net of words, when it is utterly quiet, when there is total absence of the ‘me’, the self, the ego, the persona, then you really see the extraordinary sense of beauty of the world.’
Krishnamurti in Ojai, California, 1984

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 97 2016

Bulletin 96 · 2015

‘Truth is not an experience, it is not something that you have remembered, recognised, experienced. Truth has no abiding place.’Krishnamurti in Rajghat, Varanasi, 1974

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 96 2015

Bulletin 95 · 2014

‘Can we think together because we love each other?’
Krishnamurti in Saanen, Switzerland, 1979

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 95 2014

Bulletin 94 · 2013

‘Is there an energy that can come about so as to bring a total transformation in the very process of the mind?’
Krishnamurti in Saanen, Switzerland, 1974

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 94 2013

Bulletin 93 · 2012

‘Can i look at myself without a word, without an image, without pride?’
Krishnamurti in Saanen, Switzerland, 1968

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 93 2012

Bulletin 92 · 2011

‘Is there something that thought can never touch, and is therefore incorruptible and timeless and eternal and therefore sacred?’
Krishnamurti in Amsterdam, 1968

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 92 2011

Bulletin 91 · 2010

‘You, in your own life of understanding, will come upon this strange energy which is incorruptible. This energy is the highest form of intelligence.’
Krishnamurti in Santa Monica, 1972

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 91 2010

Bulletin 90 · 2009

‘Absolute freedom implies absolute responsibility, that means absolute response totally to the problem. And one cannot possibly respond totally, if one has not learnt to live a life in which love, death, everyday living are deeply—not verbally— understood.’
Krishnamurti at Brockwood Park, 1972

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 90 2009

Bulletin 89 · 2008

‘Is there any area of the mind which is really free from the known? Is there any part of the brain which is not cultivated by thought? If we do not find it, then we will always live in the field of the known, from which thought arises, which is matter.’
Krishnamurti in Saanen, Switzerland, 1974

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 89 2008

Bulletin 88 · 2007

‘We seem not to realize the central fact that each one of us is responsible for what is going on in the world, the terror, violence, wars.’
Krishnamurti in Ojai, California, 1980

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 88 2007

Bulletin 87 · 2006

‘Is there one solution, or one observation, one insight, one comprehension that will bring about a total revolution psychologically in each one of us?’
Krishnamurti at Saanen, Switzerland, 1979

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 87 2006

Bulletin 1 · 1968

‘Organisation does not draw us together, rather we are drawn together as human beings to resolve our human problems.’
From Krishnamurti’s preface to the first Bulletin, 1968

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 1 1968

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