Brockwood Park Trees

Spring has arrived with full force and at Brockwood the Grove is as beautiful as ever, however the grounds and buildings are strangely quiet, as are the parks, roads, towns and cities of the whole of the UK, and indeed most of the world. For all of us the situation with Covid-19 presents an unprecedented national and global crisis and this has resulted in a high degree of organisational and personal uncertainty.

At Brockwood, staff remain in residence and this has allowed for a good deal of work to continue. Though the Krishnamurti Centre has had to close its doors until further notice and Inwoods Small School will remain shut until the autumn term, much is still happening. With staff either working remotely, or observing social distancing, activity goes on in all other areas of Brockwood life. The Foundation remains busy and the bookshop is in operation via our online store – you can still place orders, which will be posted out promptly and have the added benefit of supporting the KFT at this difficult time.

Brockwood Park School sent the students home on 23rd March, following the advice from the UK Government. It took significant effort from the teachers to set this up in a short period of time and to be ready to teach students and support them online once they left the school. In addition to classes, online platforms were created allowing the whole school to keep in touch and for staff to provide video updates, as well as organising and holding Inquiry Times together and the Silent Morning Meetings. The significance of this situation, its impact on students and the struggle some of them might face not being at Brockwood, has been understood by staff, and tutors are in touch with students regularly, trying to give them the support they need during these difficult times.

Brockwood staff also reached out to surrounding neighbours to offer support with errands and supplies that may be needed during isolation, and have received kindness and gratitude in return. The surplus from the large Brockwood vegetable garden, which is due to the absence of students, some staff and Centre guests, has been offered free to neighbouring communities.

Since 1969 Brockwood Park has grown and flourished because of the support of well-wishers, parents and dedicated staff. Despite the financial loss caused by this difficult situation, we are confident that we will be able to weather it together and that Brockwood will continue to thrive. We thank you for your ongoing care, support and interest.