Introduction to Krishnamurti

J. Krishnamurti is considered one of the greatest philosophers and teachers of all time, his work influencing major figures such as George Bernard Shaw, David Bohm, Alan Watts, Henry Miller, Bruce Lee, Jackson Pollock and Aldous Huxley. Yet Krishnamurti remains an enigma; with a humility unheard of in our age, he insisted that he was totally unimportant as a person. Here we present an article for those wishing to find out more about Krishnamurti and his teachings, together with a biography.

Krishnamurti’s Teachings

Krishnamurti’s works are vast: on top of his writings, he gave public talks for seven decades, along with discussing individually and in groups with scientists, educators, scholars, therapists and students, most of which were recorded in text, audio or video form. We curate material to make Krishnamurti’s teachings accessible in the form of articles, selected books, key topics, a comprehensive index, quotes, along with hundreds of full-length or extracted video and audio recordings, and our podcast Urgency of Change.