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The Complete Krishnamurti Video Collection is one of the main projects of the Foundation in recent years. It saw the release of Krishnamurti’s videos in authentic form, for free, and without adverts. Many of these videos had never been released before. The aim was to create the go-to repository of talks and dialogues online, with an emphasis on accessibility. To achieve this, hundreds of volunteers worked worldwide to subtitle Krishnamurti’s words in 40 languages, and staff at Krishnamurti Foundation Trust assigned a title and summary for each video.

This release was only possible due to the years of work digitising and producing 600 full-length videos. The entirety of this work was organised or undertaken by Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, with the videos made available on the J. Krishnamurti Official YouTube channel, ensuring Krishnamurti’s vital teachings were brought into the digital era whilst maintaining their essential spirit of integrity.

The Complete Video Project finalised, the focus turned to audio, with the aim of releasing a comprehensive selection of around 2,500 recordings. The collection emphasises those talks and dialogues that were not recorded on video.

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust also operates a second YouTube channel, with hundreds of video extracts carefully chosen and edited to provide shorter-length videos based on topics and themes. This concise form is ideal for online viewing and sharing.

Below, you will find a selection of key videos and series, complemented by outstanding audio recordings. To navigate the vast amount of material now available, we have also created three downloadable PDF directories. The first lists all available subtitled translations, the second contains links to, and information on, all our full-length audio and video productions, and the third contains links to all our audio and video extracts.

Photo of J. Krishnamurti

Comprehensive Collection

Full-Length Videos

This is the complete set of Krishnamurti videos for which the Foundations hold copyright, in their original, authentic form. Starting in 1966, they include public talks, discussions and question & answer meetings, small group discussions, conversations with individuals, and educational dialogues.

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Comprehensive Collection

Full-Length Audios

Frequently updated, this set of audios focuses on those recordings not available on video. The earliest recordings were made in 1949. From the 1960s, before Krishnamurti was filmed, his talks and discussions were increasingly recorded on audio.

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Extensive Playlist

Q&A Extracts

In the 1980s, Krishnamurti held hundreds of public question & answer meetings. These excerpts are complete in themselves, consisting of a written question and Krishnamurti’s insightful responses, making the ideal shorter video format.

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Extensive Playlist


The Foundation Staff have carefully selected extracts from the wide array of Krishnamurti’s videos to create a growing collection of accessible videos. These impactful excerpts are based on a theme explored by Krishnamurti.
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Introductory Video

On Freedom

This video is an introduction to Krishnamurti, taking freedom as the basis for an examination of his teaching. It offers glimpses of his approach to resolving the many problems that burden humanity, and includes excerpts from Krishnamurti’s talks and a brief description of his life story.

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Video Series · 1966

Real Revolution

These eight programmes were produced and broadcast in America, representing the earliest sound films of Krishnamurti speaking to audiences. Many fundamental questions of life are explored with great energy and passion.

Photo of J. Krishnamurti, David Shainberg, David Bohm

Video Series · Brockwood Park, 1976

Transformation of Man

In this classic series of seven friendly but profound conversations with psychiatrist David Shainberg and physicist David Bohm, themes explored include: changing at the root of our being, images in relationships, and the sacredness of life.

Photo of J. Krishnamurti

Video Series · Saanen, 1976

You Are Only Aware Now, or Never

This was the first time Krishnamurti was videoed at the Saanen gatherings in Switzerland. The series of 12 talks and discussions represent the whole of his teachings, from hurt to light, fear to transformation.

Photo of J. Krishnamurti

Video Series · Brockwood Park, 1977

There Is an Ending to Sorrow When There Is No ‘Me’

In these six public meetings, Krishnamurti explores the sorrow central to the human experience, the possibility of its ending, the function of the brain, and the flowering of goodness.

Photo of J. Krishnamurti

Video Series · Madras, 1978-79

Life Is a Movement in Learning

This series of nine talks and discussions highlight Krishnamurti’s approach to an Indian audience. He begins by stating that organisations have not saved humanity, and emphasises the necessary learning outside of thought and time.

Photo of J. Krishnamurti

Audio Series · Ojai, 1978

Is There a Way of Living Completely Free From Pressure?

Pressure is something most of us experience increasing in our lives. In this series of ten audio recordings, Krishnamurti explores the possibility of living without any pressure, with an order that extends from action without a centre.

Photo of J. Krishnamurti, Allan W. Anderson

Video Series · San Diego, 1974

A Wholly Different Way of Living

This extensive exploration with Professor Alan W. Anderson represents one of Krishnamurti’s best-known video series. The 18 conversations range from the place of knowledge, to love and pleasure, to meditation and the sacred mind.

Photo of J. Krishnamurti

Video Series · San Diego, 1970

Ending All Fear

In this early colour series, Krishnamurti looks at the possibility of fear ending, before entering into a deep exploration of the true meaning of meditation. A discussion with students follows, asking if we can be free from violence.

Photo of J. Krishnamurti

Audio Series · London, 1961

The Mind Must Be Totally Empty To See Something New

This is a comprehensive set of 12 audio recordings. The talks inquire into the nature of the mind and thought, the fear universal to humanity, our conditioning and desires, conflict and suffering, the place of time in transformation, and the religious mind.

Photo of J. Krishnamurti

Video & Audio Series · Rishi Valley, 1984

Each Time You Watch You Are Learning

Krishnamurti asks here whether we can stop thinking about ourselves, explores why the brain is always recording, and looks into the causes of corruption. This series of one audio and two colour videos highlights Krishnamurti’s approach to younger students.