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The actual state of every human being is uncertainty.

Those who realise the actual state of uncertainty either see the fact and live with it or go off, become neurotic, because they cannot face that uncertainty. They cannot live with something that demands an astonishing swiftness of mind and heart, and so they adopt every kind of fanciful escape. The fact is something that demands your complete attention. The fact is that all of us are insecure; there is nothing secure.

When you live in that state of complete inward uncertainty, you will meet every problem of life, any crisis, any challenge, at any level, with clarity and swiftness.

Krishnamurti in Madras, 1964

The Latin root of certain is certus meaning ‘settled’, but the world is unsettled: war in Europe, cost of living crises, climate change, the current pandemic. For Krishnamurti, the outer and inner movement are one, and the uncertainty out there is within us all. But rather than face the facts, we ‘go off’. The ‘swiftness of mind and heart’ required to meet the facts is manifest in the teachings, and is at the core of the work of the Foundation, Centre and Schools at Brockwood Park. In an uncertain world, Krishnamurti’s message of giving complete attention to our psychological state is a simple yet transformative one.

Your support – no matter how small – will help ensure this message reaches a wider audience and will assist in securing the future of the important work at Brockwood Park.

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